Our Technology

With our advanced technology you will see the undeniable results of your precious metal analysis on screen - ensuring accuracy and customer confidence. 

X-Ray Fluorescence Technology

What is it: A scientific, highly accurate method to analyze gold. 

How does it work: X-rays are directed to your gold (or silver, etc). Without harming the metals in any way, the x-rays cause them to glow (fluoresce), like in a fluorescent light bulb. With advanced computer detection technology, the machine can separate the “colors” of the fluorescence into an analysis of the metal. Customers can see the computer screen as the analysis is proceeding, and within a few seconds, can see the gold item's concentration.

Example of X-Ray Fluorescence Technology analysis for 14 Carat Gold.

Density Testing

We've developed and built custom scales to measure the density (or, specific gravity) of metals. We built a platform with the capability to measure the weight of the item in air, and under water. Because precious metals are much denser than base metals (ie. copper and iron), determining the density of an item can help confirm its composition. More accuracy means less risk for us and higher payouts to you.

Density Testing in air and below water.